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Welcome to Novgorod The Great!

History of the city Architecture and historical places
Geography and maps 

Novgorod The Great: Winter-2005.

Guest book


 Nataly Baryshnikova

What I can help you with:

  • information about: lodging, customs, transportation, communication; 
  • city tours;
  • help with leisure time arrangements;
  • history of Novgorod and Novgorod region.
My address: My whole life is related to Novgorod and suburbs - this great place, where civilized present meets Russian history and heroical past.

Rambler's Top100


Отдых и развлечения :: Туризм

I would like to invite you to Novgorod The Great. You will never be sorry for coming here!

You could also visit famous places in Novgorod The Great. Virtual tours are available right now. (you have to download Quick Time)

You could see new pictures of Novgorod The Great.