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Velikii Novgorod (Novgorod the Great) -is a unique city. You would not find that many architectural treasures of  XI - XVII centuries in anyone of oldest Russian cities. 

Grandiose and sublime are buildings of noble period: main cathedral - cathedral of Sophia Novgorodskaja (Sophia of Novgorod) (1045-1052 yy.), St. Nicolas cathedral on Yaroslav's court (1113y.), cathedral of Nativity in Antoniev monastery (monastery of St. Anthony) (1117y.) and cathedral of St. Georgi in Yuriev monastery (1119 y.). They illustrate Novgorod school architecture of early period.

From the beginning of XII century and until consolidation with Moscow in 1478, Novgorod was middleage republic, whose architecture can be seen in one of the St. Nicolas church on Lipnia (1292y.), church of Saviour on Kovaliov (1345y.), church of Nativity in Perynsky skit (Perynsky monastery) (end of XII - beg. of XIII c.).

Classic type of Novgorod church of Novgorod republic golden age can be illustrated with cathedral of Theodor Stratilat on Ruchey (on Brook) (1360-1361yy.),  cathedral of St. Peter and Paul in Kogevniki (1406 y.), cathedral of Savior on Ilin (1374y.), which frescos were made by Pheophan Greck. 

Walls and towers of Novgorod kremlin, also called Detinets, were built In 1484-1490 yy. They appeared to look great with open space of river Volhov, on the bank of which they were built, as well as with contemporary buildings. 

Novgorod architecture takes a big part in European art, it has its own character and artistic completeness.  

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Cathedral of Sophia (1045-1052 yy.)
Cathedral of Virgin Nativity in St. Anthony monastery (1117 y.)
St. Georgi cathedral (1119 y.)
Church of Savior Transfiguration on Kovaliov (1345 y.)
Church of Theodore Stratilat on Brook (1360-1361 yy.)
Church of Saviour Transfiguation on Ilin (1374y.)
St. peter and Paul Church in Kogevniki (1406 y.)
Palace tower of Novgorod Kremlin (1484-1490 yy.)