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 Novgorod region has a big advantage in its location: it is in the north-western part on Russia, where all the roads between Moscow and St. Petersburg are. Air paths as well as rail roads and highways between these two Russian largest cities pass through our territory. It gives Novgorod a unique possibility to keep people as well as cargo transport on a high level.   

Distance between Novgorod and St. Petersburg is 190 km (~115 miles) on a highway and between Novgorod and Moscow 600 km (~375 miles).

City of Novgorod is located in river Volhov estuary, which starts in the lake Ilmen' ['il'mien'].

City population is around 240 thousands people, which is one third of total region population.

This area is far from all the "hot regions" and has a uniform population: 96,3% of the whole population is Russians. That fact garanteis no conflicts of national interests and ethnical quarrels. 71% of the population live in the cities and towns.  





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